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Working Together To Be The Best

School Aims, Values and Ethos

Our Motto

Working Together To Be The Best

Our Aims

  • Work hard and always try our best
  • Try and do even better next time
  • Think carefully and listen carefully
  • Be happy and help everyone
  • Time to enjoy learning
  • Be kind and friendly

Life in Modern Britain

Throughout our Curriculum and Ethos, we aim to promote Fundamental British Values within all aspects of Ravensdale Infant and Nursery School.

The values we promote are the values of tolerance, equality, respect, co-operation, responsibility, compassion and democracy. There are times when our curriculum cover these values as themes but we also make best use of opportunities from local, national and global issues as they arise. The way in which we teach these is cyclical and appropriate to the stages of development of the children.

Practically, these values are taught through assemblies, whole-school themed weeks, School Council, positive behaviours, guidance and support when dealing with inappropriate behaviour, charity work, celebrating different faiths and cultures, appreciation of rules and laws to protect people, school trips, sports days, school fayres, Ravensdale Mini Leaders and Ravensdale Helpers.

We have high aspirations for each of our children regardless of their backgrounds, individual skills and talents. We believe that children can contribute positively in their own lives as a child and in the future as a responsible, confident and skilled learner with the desire to play an active role in society.

We teach children to be numerate and literate to the highest possible standard and to be able to transfer these skills in to problem solving and real life experiences.

We embrace the use of modern technology as well as tradition methods of learning.

We teach the importance of keeping safe and being engaged in a healthy lifestyle.

We teach children to recognise the arts , creativity and to have an appreciation of history and human endeavour.

We also aim to teach children to be skilled and life-long learners who are independent, resourceful, resilient and who have the interpersonal skills to form positive relationships.

We instil the importance of working hard as well as stopping and enjoying the world around them.

We teach the importance of individual effort and the contribution they can make within teams.