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School Meals

Food in School

Our School and Nursery is ‘nut aware’ therefore we do not allow nuts, in any form, in school. We have a number of pupils who have serious nut allergies which means nuts are life threatening to them. Please support us with this and not send any food items containing nuts into school with your child.

We promote healthy eating in school, especially when it comes to snacks. Infant children are asked not to bring snacks into school as they are provided with a piece of fruit each, at every morning break. Children are encouraged to bring a bottle of water each day which they have in their classroom to help themselves to. Please label the bottle with your child’s name and ONLY FILL WITH WATER – juices and fizzy drinks are not permitted in these bottles that children have with them during the day. Bottles with a top are available from the office for £1.30 each and spare tops are 25p.



Free School Meals

How do I claim Free School Meals for my child?

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