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RavensdaleInfant and Nursery School



A warm welcome to Ravensdale Infant and Nursery School

and to what is a very exciting time for you and your child.


We are committed to ensuring that all children feel safe, secure and happy in the Nursery environment, that they develop a love of learning through a variety of challenges and experiences, and that they develop skills to become kind, caring and considerate young individuals.


Our aims are;


To provide a stimulating environment where children are excited to come and learn at an appropriate

 rate for each individual.


To encourage children to take an interest in their environment and be curious to know more.


To provide a language rich environment where children can develop both speaking and listening skills.


To encourage children to be confident, independent and develop a range of skills through a wide

variety of games, activities and learning opportunities.


To develop positive attitudes and be able to look after themselves and others.


To encourage children to enquire, investigate and develop thinking skills.

Please find attached an information brochure about starting Nursery.




Welcome to Ravensdale Infant and Nursery School!

Welcome to Ravensdale Infant and Nursery School.We are a larger than average school with children from many different areas of the city. We pride ourselves on being the only Infant and Nursery School in Mickleover.





Attendance since
September 2019- February 2020:

  • Nursery
  • Reception 94.8%
  • Year 1 95.9%
  • Year 2 97.4%
  • Whole School 96%